Yoga, in my opinion, can both prevent and treat illness and damage. I enjoy practicing yoga for the soul and as a tool for well-being. Yoga has the ability of connecting people to the power of breath, movement, and transformation and empowering them to be their best selves. I want to assist people in reaching a higher level of being. With consistent yoga practice, I can help you be self-assured in your body, your thoughts, and your actions. 

I’m here as a holistic health coach to offer self-healing through my yoga classes to anyone else who wants to achieve this goal. I focus my lessons on the proper alignment of all postures in order to avoid any new and heal any previous injury while also progressing to deeper postures. This is accomplished by using similarly organized flows in each session, which provide varying degrees of challenge for students of various skill levels. I teach all levels, from beginner to expert, from slow flowing to power flows, from kids to adult women – everything dynamic and creative. I’m happy to speak with you about my group and private lessons.