Integrative Natural Medicine and Health Care:

Integrative natural medicine focuses on body and mind to achieve an adequate life balance. I believe that the person as a whole is interrelated, and that if one component fails to operate correctly, all other parts will suffer as a result. If people have imbalances on a physical level, mental level or spiritual level in their lives, it may have a negative impact on their overall health. In order to treat a patient, a variety of medicines are used, ranging from conventional to alternative therapies. If a person with a health concern approaches me, I investigate all of the potential causes of the problem which can be nutrition, sleep, stress, personal issues, and spiritual activities of choice. The treatment strategy may involve drugs as well as lifestyle adjustments to prevent recurrence of the disease along with cure.

Why is health coaching important?

Health coaching or mentoring is essential in the healthcare industry. According to studies, individuals who have a mentor may achieve more and are better able to deal with the stress of their job. 

Why should you invest in a personal health coach? Your health coach should be your go-to person who will look after your holistic health – from basic health guidance to studying your medical reports and helping you to bring the results to normal with combined efforts of their own and yours. There can be numerous reasons for a disturbed health. They can be physical, mental, economical, social, intrapersonal or interpersonal relations. Your personal coach will take time out to listen to you, understand your needs, curate your diet, nutrition and ultimately your lifestyle. The program should even include therapies from ancient ones to updated ones, and solutions that are easily accessible from your kitchen or garden.

Sleepless nights could be a reason for your disturbed health. Thus, getting sound sleep is only your need. A few sessions with your health coach in this regard can make a lot of difference. You can discuss products (ingestible or applicable), relationship issues, behavioural issues, family issues with your health coach. Such issues can cause stress and it is healthy to talk it out with someone who can keep things confidential.