Homoeopathy is a medical practice based on the idea ‘similia simiabus curenter’  that means like cures like. It recognises clinical patterns of signs and symptoms of an individual while treating them. The complete history of the patient is taken and then the medicine is decided. The history includes present complaints, personal history, family history, mind symptoms, temperament, diathesis, constitution and much more depending upon the patient. A detailed study is of utmost importance before choosing the medicine.

Why do I recommend Homeopathy?

Homoeopathy aims to restore health from the source of the imbalance. Homeopathy treats the individual and not only the symptom. The remedy can be easily administered in dilution, globule, pill form by all age groups. It is a natural form of medicine which is potentised and in the process the actual healing capacity of the plant source , animal source or mineral source is obtained which heals the human body, if chosen accurately. There are different choices of doses and potencies which helps the individual to regain the vital energy which is imbalanced due to the ailment. One dose can create an easy normal labour and can also cancel the idea of surgery. Whether the disease is acute or chronic, hidden, suppressed, mental or physical, homeopathy has a cure for everything. Where modern medicine fails homeopathy can be a life saver!